Terms and Conditions

1. Site Ownership
a) The AppSter.Space website called AppSter, AppSter Space is the property of the ECOWEB company, registered at ul. Grunwaldzka 63B, 32-540 Trzebinia, Poland, under the tax identification number (NIP) 6282184214.
b) Appster Space provides users, users, visitors and payers with the option of adding their own applications in the .IPK and .APK file format intended for mobile phones with iOS and Android systems.
c) Appster Space conditionally allows the sharing of files in the form of a RAR archive, without a password, that can be run on mobile phones with Android and iOS systems without the need to modify the operating system installed on the phone.
d) Appster Space charges subscription fees for the use of the website in the amount specified in the price list in these Terms and Conditions.

2. User
a) A person using the AppSter Space service is called a free user.
b) A person providing applications on the AppSter Space service with a purchased subscription subscription is called the uploader.
c) Anyone providing applications, files, games for mobile devices with Android and iOS is responsible for the content provided and at the same time declares that he has full copyrights and rights to distribute this content.
d) The AppSter Space website collects logs and information about users and uploaders sharing and downloading files in the form of geolocation data and IP address.

3. Responsibility
a) AppSter Space is not responsible for the content made available on the website by uploaders and users.
b) The AppSter Space service has the right to remove content deemed illegal in the event of notification in accordance with point 4. Terms and Conditions.
c) The AppSter Space service guarantees the security of files at a basic level through the availability of the file on the AppSter Space server and virus scanning for the detection of dangerous content.
d) AppSter Space is not responsible for the unavailability of services caused by factors independent of the website, including the unavailability of domain services, server services, disk space, maintenance works of Appster Space partners that support AppSter Space services, and is not responsible for damages related to unavailability and is not responsible for exceptional situations such as such as natural disasters, fires, floods, etc., which may have made the services temporarily unavailable.
e) AppSter Space does not guarantee SLA service availability above 96% per calendar year.
f) AppSter Space is not responsible for the need to make payments, purchases, subscriptions in files provided by users and uploaders.
g) Files located on AppSter Space servers are the property of users, however, in the event of detection of violations of these regulations, sharing files other than applications for Android or iOS phones, violation of copyright: AppSter Space will delete such a file and may permanently block the user's or uploader's congo without the right to a refund for subscription, hereinafter referred to as compensation for damages.

4. Copyrights and Entries
a) Each user and uploader sharing a file in the AppSter Space service declares that he has the right to administer the file, share and distribute files as part of file hosting.
b) Each user, visitor, copyright representative, file or application ownership representative may submit a report regarding the ownership of a file, application, game, archive, text via the Report Abuse system.
c) Applications sent in another form, e.g. directly to an e-mail address, will not be taken into account and will be automatically deleted.
d) The AppSter Space service undertakes to read the application sent via Report Abuse within 14 calendar days and:
- deletion of the file in the event of violations,
- sending logs, including the IP address and data of the user providing the file to the applicant in the event of notification of law enforcement authorities,
- demand additional explanations regarding the notification in the event of a formal failure,
- consideration of the entire application within a period not exceeding 14 calendar days, unless there were formal deficiencies that may extend the deadline by another 14 calendar days for any formal deficiency found.
e) The AppSter website is not responsible for files shared by users and uploaders, however, respecting the copyrights, it may delete these files.
f) AppSter is not responsible for the content shared, including viruses in files, AppSter Space makes every effort to scan and remove infected files by ESET antivirus software, but cannot guarantee 100% detection.

5. Payments, subscriptions, subscription, returns and complaints
a) The AppSter Space service accepts payments from users that allow to increase the download speed and authorize file sharing for the digital service to upgrade the account to premium status.
b) To pay for the digital service, the user can pay by bank transfer in EUR, GBP or PLN, electronic transfer, electronic wallet type PayPal, Visa and MasterCard debit cards, via the Stripe, GiroPay, iDEAL, Trustly payment gateway.
c) The user makes the payment voluntarily for access to the digital service.
d) If the funds are credited after the payment is made, the account is automatically updated as part of the https://appster.space service to the PREMIUM rank for the period selected by the user before the payment.
e) If the funds are credited after making the payment via the https://store.appster.space system, the access data to the user's lifetime account is automatically sent, which is the PREMIUM user account on the https://appster.space website.
f) The service is considered to be performed at the time of payment by the user for access to file hosting under the PREMIUM account and sending the access data to the account.
g) Electronic service, also known as digital, is not refundable. h) The user has the right to resign from the further subscription period, to resign from the PREMIUM account at any time during the digital service, without the right to a refund for the unused period.

6. Privacy
a) The AppSter Space website is the administrator of personal data provided as part of registration, logging in, file sharing, and file downloading.
b) The AppSter Space website stores all logs, including IP address, user data, geolocation for the period of service registration.
c) The User has the right to access, change and edit data at any time and at any time.
d) The user has the right to delete the account, delete data along with shared files at any time, without the right to a refund for the "PREMIUM" account.
e) User data is sent and stored in a secure SSL encrypted connection by GoGetSSL with an insurance guarantee of $ 50,000.00.

7. Security
a) The AppSter Space website is not responsible for breaking the basic security rules by users and AppSter Space uploaders, e.g.
- providing access data to the account
- not enabling additional 2FA authorization of the account
- no anti-virus software on the phone or computer
- outdated browser and operating system version
- spyware applications installed on the phone or computer
b) The AppSter Space service guarantees security thanks to connection encryption, the latest server software updates and 2FA double login authorization, eg Google Authenticator.

8. Final provisions
a) The Regulations shall apply from the date of its publication.
b) The AppSter Space website reserves the right to change the regulations in order to legally protect the operator and owner of the AppSter Space website with the obligation to notify about the change within 7 days before introducing changes to the regulations via e-mail.
c) In the event of a change in the regulations, the user and the uploader have the right to immediately close the account, in accordance with point 6. d. of these regulations.